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        Sheila Dorsey-Smith, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources  (337-0178)
        Barbara Watson, Executive Personnel Officer  (337-0181)
        Daniel Emmons, Compliance Specialist   (337-0184)
        Kelly Davis, Administrative Secretary   (337-0178)
        Eloise Swinehart, Human Resources Secretary   (337-0121)
        Cindy Johnson, Human Resources Specialist Secretary   (337-0179)
        Joyce Wells, District Receptionist/Sub Services  (337-0077)
        Administrative Personnel Officer  (337-0179)

***Do you have a new employee, someone subbing, a 3rd party contractor or someone who has transferred to your building?***
        NOTE: BEFORE filling out this request, please make sure you have the following information available:
  • An electronic copy (via document scanner, phone/camera, etc) of  the KPS Net Acceptable Use Agreement, SIGNED by the person you are requesting email access for. If needed, you may download a blank copy of the agreement from
  • First & Last name, phone number and email address for the person you are requesting email access for. NOTE: If they are already a KPS employee, then provide their KPS email address, otherwise please provide their personal email address.

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UAW - Administrators

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KSP - Paraprofessionals

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